Tuesday, August 14, 2012

JobVine for South Africa

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JobVine is one of the leading portal holes for getting employers connected with qualified employees.  If you are an employer you can list the jobs and job descriptions completely free.

Employers can find sale repersenitives in all fields of sales.  You can use the site search if you're looking for a particular sales rep.  An employee looking for sales jobs that are hiring find jobs that will hire you today.

Examples of Sales Jobs

  • Technical Sales Representative Western Cape

  • Accounts Executive - Cape Town

  • Regional Sales Manager - Boksburg

  • Sales Executive - Boksburg

  • Internal Sales Reps - Randburg


  • Sales Executive - Johannesburg

These are just examples of the many sales jobs available to apply and get hired.

You can hire or get hired in many different lines of work.  You can find employment in your area just do a simple search on site to find out what jobs are available with your experience.  You can even setup up job alerts as they are posted to ensure your first to apply for the job to increase your chances of getting the job you want.

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