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Scuba Diving Jobs

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I found this great source of scuba diving jobs for all my loyal readers.  I promised to only write about the best jobs and the most unique opportunities so here you are enjoy!

Their are many types of scuba diving opportunities.  If you are a certified scuba diver you more then likely can apply for these jobs right away.  If you have certain skills like welding for instance. 
You can be hired and get certified as a diver through your employer.  Some of these jobs offer on the job training.

If your really not a diver you can still work as a retailer in the dive industry.  The retail diver industry is a good place to start if you are unsure of what diving opportunity to consider.

If you are patient you can teach scuba diving at resorts.  This is really for a person who does well with the public.  This is where a lot of divers can get there start while moving up to the real diving opportunities.

Diving instructors also have other requirements, like rinsing the diving equipment, loading the gear up on boats and also handle possible sells.  That sounds like extra money!

If people are always telling you.  You are the “jack of all trades”this is a good sign that you could be suitable for all types of diving jobs.  You don’t have to be a specialist or have a degree and even if you do take advantage of being able to get a degree through your employer. 

Never think you are to stupid.  It is far easier to learn when you love what you’re learning and doing.  If you didn’t do well in school its not because you where stupid it was because you where bored.  You had no interest in the topics at hand.  That is why you never excelled not because you were a slow learner.  So don’t try to tell yourself you can’t.  You will excel if you love what you are learning and you will never give up!


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