Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pro's and Con's of Becoming a Barber

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If you like to have a job that you can work your own ours Barbering is one of those jobs.

Being a barber is great if your a people person.  Someone who is creative and has an upbeat personality.

Your clients are your bread in butter in this business.  So as a Barber you must work hard to get your clients to trust you and keep coming back for more haircuts.

As a Barber myself I have learned over the years that its not so much how well you cut hair.

Its about knowing what your costumers want?  You got to be able to read your customer the second they sit in your chair.

Example:  Some customers want you to spend time with them and build a relationship with their Barber.  Some customers rather hurry up and get their haircut.

As a Barber you need to be able to deter-main which customers want what treatment.

I loved my clients and I was very personable with my clients.  I knew what they wanted the minute they walked into the Barber Shop.

When my clients came in the door.  I new their name.  Their kids name, the last conversation we had on their last visit to the Barber Shop.

I really loved being a Barber.  The problem with being in the Barber business.  You have to pay your own taxes and buy your own medical insurence.

The other con is new Barbers need to build their own clientele. Depending on the Barber Shop and how many walkins the Barber Shop gets daily.  Makes a big difference to how fast a new Barber can keep steady clients, that continue to keep coming back for more haircuts. 

If you are thinking of being a Barber here is some great resources that explains what it take to be a Barber.


How to Become a Barber

Great place to start to get a general idea of what you need to do to become a Barber and some of the recommended tools you will need to get you started on the road to being a barber.

The Best Barber Tools

See what professional Barbers are using to get the job done?
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