Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloonImage via WikipediaCan you imagine flying around all day with a cooler full of ice with plenty to eat and drink. Travel around to see the sites. Only to get paid to have fun. Well you can!

Here's a thought invest in your own "Hot Air Balloon." The skies the limit.  You could advertise for major companies, book tourist tours for tourist for a $150 a hour, weddings just a few ideas to start you thinking.

There are literally thousands of interesting jobs. A lot of these jobs you  never hear about such as Hot Air Balloon Pilots there may be a job out there that will enable you to pursue your passion while getting paid.

You can learn the required education, experience, salary, benefits and nature of hundreds of different jobs. To Get You Started On this site is many more cool Unknown High Paying Jobs.


You will find a whole list of hot air balloon jobs.  You can even use the search at the bottom of page to find out if there are any hot air balloon jobs in your area.

How to Become a Balloon Pilot

You will learn what it takes to be an hot air balloon pilot.  It is also suggested to work with a crew of hot air ballon pilots to see if hot air ballooning is something you can do or want to do.

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