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How to Make Extra Money Growing Tomato Plants

A scanned red tomato, along with leaves and fl...Image via WikipediaThe Adventure of Making Newspaper Pots for Starting Garden Seeds

This article is what gave me the idea to grow tomato plants for extra money. I seen this article and I thought to myself I could make some extra money selling tomato plants and I don't have to buy the pots.

The nice thing about these newspaper pots they make it easy to transplant your tomato plants. You can either just leave the newspaper on and plant in your garden or you can remove the newspaper than put into your garden.

I did not go out and buy seeds I used the seeds from tomatoes I purchase every week from the vegetable stand.

The whole idea is to make money not spend money.

I started about 15 seeds to start with then I took the seeds I collected and dried the following week germinated those seeds. After I repeated this cycle for about 3 weeks I put a sign out on my dock and a sign in my front yard.

I put some tomato plants on a small table. I charged $3 a tomato plant. The first week I only had 1 customer that bought 4 tomato plants thats $12.

The following week I only sold 6 tomato plants. That is $18 I know that don't sound like much but it adds up!

Now I have quite a few nice tomato plants and I am still germinating seeds. While I was out in my back yard a man in a boat pulls up to my dock. He seen my sign tomato plants for sale. He asked me how much money for the tomato plants. I told him $3 each so he whips out a $20 and hands it to me and says can you hold them until I get done fishing I said sure.

I said to him what kind of bait are you using he said crickets. I told him that I sell shiners and red wigglers. He asked me how much for the shiners I told him $8 a dozen which is really cheap compared to $17 at the bait stores. I told him $3 a bucket for worms.

He said him and his buddy was going bass fishing in a few days but early in the morning. I said no problem just ring the door bell on the dock.

I told him after he rings door bell to make sure he shuts his boat motor off. He came back that day to get tomato plants. I gave him an extra tomato plant!

He came back with his buddy and they bought 2 dozen shiners and a bucket of worms. I told them if they have worms left over they can get a dollar back for the worms and the contain. They said great will do that I than I threw feed into the water and the fish started to come feed. I casted the net and gave them their shiners.

This is all extra income.

First Week $12
Second Week $18
Third Week $20 tomato plants $16 for shiners and $2 for worms he returned the worms and container.
Forth Week $51 I sold 17 tomato plants
Total for the first month $119.00

I live in Florida and we have the snow birds every year. When I lost my job I had to do something quick and getting a job in a small town without a car is pretty much impossible.

I started selling tomato plants in June now it's September season starts in October.

June $119
July $ $163
August $150
Sept $179

September is not even over yet and I have made an extra $611 doing what I love on my leisure time. I don't sell much fish bait in the summer but I bet this winter I will make a killing off my worms and shiners.

I do many other things to make extra money. I just wanted to give you an idea of how that extra money adds up. I will share the other ways I make money so be sure to subscribe to my blog or favorite this blog.

I will be posting more ways I make money and you can too.

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