Saturday, October 15, 2011

Frustrated with Employment Tell us Why?

I heard one of the most ridiculous comment on the news the other day.  Employers looking to hire people who are already employed.  Do not apply unless you're employed.

What the hell is that I mean?  Whats wrong with hiring someone who needs a job?  Dumb Asses!

Now getting a job is like getting a degree except worse now you are required to sleep outside.  If you don't graduate and get hired. You are also required to kick ass if someone moves their tent in front of your tent.  Now that we are fresh out of jobs they are kicking the e legal aliens out.  That should distract the American public so we can line our pockets. While we take their homes!  Oh its so unfair for the rich to pay taxes.  So lets make the middle class poor and the homeless nuts.

My question is what happened to all the jobs?  What happen to your job?

This is the place to rant about the job market.  If you're flat out frustrated tell us why?  Share what you're going through.  If you have any tips or advice that may help people get employment.  Please share your tips!

If you are an employer be my guest and leave a link with a description of the employment you are offering or email.

Note to leave a link.  Go to "comment as" you will see option for name/url click on that to make url click-able.

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