Monday, September 26, 2011

I Lost My Job ... How to Cope

I Lost My Job ... How to Cope: By SmartyPens

If you have just been laid off or fired, fear not, your life is not over. In fact, it is a new start.

For many people, getting the pink slip is a shock that brings a tide of worry over their lives.

Losing your job can be quite a shock especially when you been on the same job for years.

When I lost my job it felt like apart of me died. I decided to give myself a little time to get over the shock.

I didn't know it at the time but losing that job is one of the best things that ever happened to me. SmartyPens wrote a great article on how to cope with losing your job.

Her article will help you get the right mind set so that you look outside the box. It seems when we get put out of our comfort zone our thinking is clouded and we have tunnel vision.

When I lost my job I decided not to go looking for a job right away instead I put a few plans in place first.

I started raising red wiggler worms.

I started tomato plants and sold them.

I cleaned out my closets and had a garage sale and sold items on eBay.


Selling shiners for fish bait and worms.

Fixing and cleaning peoples computers.

Cutting,perming and coloring hair.

I write articles and blogs in my spare time.

I am staying pretty busy and I am making as much money if not more each month as I was when I was working. So visit her article to find some comfort and hope she has really good advice. I also recommend you favorite this blog post because I am going to give you some really good ideas that will keep money in your pocket on a regular bases until you find a job.

Here is how to cope if you have lost your job:

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