Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Stay in Business During Bad Economic Times

We all are feeling the negative effect of this economy whether you're rich or poor.  Businesses that once flourished are now closing there doors.  This article has some great ideas to help your business keep the doors open while helping your customers.

You cannot keep your business open without your customers and if your customers can't afford your products and services you will not be able to stay open and profit from your business.

This article is about running your business from a different angle.  You can both help your company to keep its doors open.  Keep your employees and ride out the bad economy.

While helping people get what they need and deserve.  Which is your product and service!  My motto is "some money is better than none."

Let's Explore Some Ideas to Help Your Business Stay Open and Help Your Customers Get What They Need and Want

Here is an example of what I mean:  Let's say you own "Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning" company and business is slow.  Instead of giving your employee time off or laying them off.  You can put another plan in place.  You devise a plan where no customer walks away empty handed.

Apply for a business grant:

In this case recycle old air conditioners by rebuilding them for customers that need an air conditioner but can't afford a new air conditioner.  Offer something for free for those that let you haul off their old air conditioner.

Offer a referral program for all your customers. 

Instead of Losing a Customer

If a customer obviously is interest in buying an air conditioner but just can't don't let them leave empty handed.  You might not get rich but you will have a customer that will be very happy for life.  Your customer will always remember you and your company.  They will always remember your business whether or not you have an air conditioner and heating business.

Whenever they know of someone that needs your service or product they will always remember what you did for them so they will go out of their way to help you and your business.

Only you as a business owner knows what you can and cannot do for your customers.  If you are creative and willing to make a few sacrifices.

It does not matter what kind of business you own there is always ways to help your customers.

In return your customers will tell there friends and you will get more business if you do some simple things to help others during hard times.

Your business will flourish again!

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