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Teach or Coach Swimming Lessons

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Swimming is something everyone needs to learn.  Our planet contains a little over 70% water.  Just about everywhere you look there is some sort of water source.

There is so many lakes,rivers and canals that cause drowning deaths every year.

"Drowning Facts and Figures" this site shows how most drowning accures and where drownings often accure.

No matter your age you should learn how to swim.  You never know when you might be forced to swim in a life threting situation.

The younger a child is the better for getting swimming lessons.  Do yourself a favor if you can not swim get swimming lessons.

If you plan to have children.  Make it your priority to get swimming lesson for your baby toddler.  You will be glad you did!

If you are a good swimmer or love to swim why not teach others to swim?  Why not share your swimming skills to both children and adults.

In order to be able to give swimming lessons.  You first need a pool.  If you have a pool you have a great advantage.  If you don't have a swimming pool you will have to check with your local sources.  Such as YMCA,local high schools or public swimming pools.

Once you have a pool to give swimming lessons in.  You need to figure out what to charge for your swimming lessons.

Next you will have to let people know you are offering swimming lessons.  You can start with word of mouth.  You can make flyers and post your flyers at public pools.  Mail to summer camps in your area.  Create a website with a map.  Put an ad in your local news paper.

You could also make extra money in retirement communties.  You can have classes that get seniors to learn fun exercises and losen stiff musicals and bones.

You can also teach the benefits to seniors of exercising in the swimming pull.

Here is a great way to advertise your swimming lesson.  Katrina Johnson has a nice but simple website to advertise her swimming lesson.  She also has great guidelines for parent who are interest in getting swimming lesson for their children.



You can find videos on how to give swimming lessons.  You can find jobs in your area.  Check your state to see if you need to be certified.  (Most states have no requirements) 
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