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Exotic Dancer

English: Stripper performing an erotic dance f...English: Stripper performs an erotic dance for tips, Miami Eroticaxxx 5-9-09. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Exotic Dancer

Being an exotic dancer is a nontraditional job and seldom considered. Most women wouldn't ever consider being an exotic dancer because they believe they will be degraded or looked upon as sluts or desperate.

From my personal experience I can assure women that being disrespected or degraded is far from the truth.

(Most adult entertainment establishments have very strict guidelines)

Before ever accepting a position in an establishment there have been a few questions you should ask management or dancers in the establishment.

What is the law for adult entertainment in this state? In my state no physical contact in bars that serve alcohol. If the bar does not serve alcohol the laws are different. Not as strict!

What are the limits to customers regarding physical contact? Customers are allowed to touch you but not disrespectful. Dancers have their own limitations. Suggestion set your own boundaries!

 Do I pay the DJ? If so how much? I paid $40 a night. It might be more now!

 What kind of security do you have?

 Do dancers get walked to their car?

Ask any questions that concerns you to put your mind to rest.

Do's and Don't

Do not ever meet customers outside the establishment. This is frowned on by staff and the other dancers. Meeting customers will get you fired. This is for your own safety.

Do put in your mind this is a service and nothing more. You are not there to make relationships of any type outside the establishment. You are strictly there to make money.

Do report disrespectful customers this keeps you out of trouble. You have the right to demand respect.

Do not date staff and never allow boyfriends to come to where you work. (Boyfriends and Husbands) spell out trouble) Most bars do not allow it anyway.

Do not spend time with a customer that you do not feel conferable spending time with. Remember you are not obligated to anyone for any reason. No matter how much money they have spent.

Do not spend too much time on a customer that is not spending money.

Do not drink to the point you get sloppy. If a customer continually buys your drinks. Tell the waitress to serve you the same drinks without alcohol. (Secretly) If you receive commissions on drinks. I suggest you leave your drink with the customer that you danced for making an excuse to move on to other customers. This is a good practice because you will make more money. Also it saves your seat if the other customer isn't spending money.

Always be friendly or nice to customers even if they don't have money for dances. When they do have money rest to sure they will spend it on you.
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