Saturday, August 14, 2010

Become a Forensics Photographer

Photo Credit:US Fish and Wildlife Service

Become a Forensics Photographer

If your hobbie is photography this is the job for you. There is no specific certificate or degree required. The International Association for Identification (IAI) offers a certification for forensic photographers that have at least three years of photography experience, 40 hours of classroom photography courses from a college, police academy, FBI academy, IAI training course or related institutions. Eligibility for IAI certification as a forensic.
Forensics photographers can go further in there career as a investigator. You don't have to stop there.

Forensic Photographer Job Description and Duties

Take photographs of evidence,accident or crime scenes, and use digital imaging to enhance images like fingerprints, that can help in a case.

Forensic Photographer Salary

Forensic photographers start around $50,000 a year depending on what state there employed.
Forensic photographers also drawl a very good pension and benefits.
If you would like more information on Criminal-Justice-
Careers Each state has different requirements so you might want to call the sheriffs office. They can direct you to the right department.
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