Monday, August 16, 2010

Publish Your Poems and More


Do you have some old love letters laying around from back when you where in school? Did you ever keep a diary that you still have back when you where going to school? Do you have a bunch of poems you have kept?

Instead of letting your old memories deteriorate on paper. Why no show off your work? Who know maybe the guy you had a crush on might read your writing!

The Hallmark card company might love your work and hire you. This is how people like yourself get noticed.

Writing is a great hobby and a great outlet. You are truly an artist who can create work for others to enjoy. You will also enjoy what you have create.

While your being creative you will make yourself some income. The more you learn the more income you will aquire. Why not join today at HubPages

There is a lot of writing site out there but this site is the best Paying you can write about anything you want. Not only that you can do small assignments that involve improving other writers articles,stories you name it. It free to join! Believe me this site is worth checking out.
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