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Earn by Asking & Answering Questions Online

Earn by Asking & Answering Questions Online


Do you have an Adsense account? If so you can make extra money asking and answering questions. You earn 70% Adsense revenue share every time someone clicks on Google ads on your questions you ask or answer. Here is how?
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How to Earn Extra Income On Webanswers

The first thing you need to do is sign up after you sign up you are required to answer 10 questions and ask 5 questions then you will receive an email.

You will need your Pub-00000000000 and your channel Id number from your Google Adsense account to send your email.

Now you are ready to earn extra income online. It is recommended to ask good questions if you want high paying ads to appear whenever you ask questions.
Keep the title to your question short and to the point.

You can add to your question when the box appears. When the box appears make your question understandable. Use spell check and check your English grammar. Make sure people understand your question.

Answer Questions to Earn Extra Income Online

When answering questions try if possible to answer the question in detail and link to where they can get more information about the question. The more words that you have in your answers the better the Google ads and the higher the ads pay.

Also questions that have a 100 words or more will be found in search results. If your question and answers are found on Google search result. You will see a steady flow of extra online income.

Your questions and answers will take a few weeks to get traffic from Google but worth the extra time and effort. If you do what is suggested you will see your income increase.

Share Questions and Answers to Earn Extra Income Online

Sharing your questions and answer will get you more traffic and more ad clicks. Share on Twitter, StumbleUpon and Facebook just to name a few sites you can promote your questions and answers on.

JustAnswers is a website to earn while answering questions. Its a little harder to become a member of JustAnswers but worth trying. The average rewarded answer earns $7
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