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Learn to Be a Palm Reader (Palmistry)

Some of the lines of the hand in Palmistry 1: ...
Some of the lines of the hand in Palmistry 1: Life line - 2: Head line - 3: Heart line - 4: Girdle of Venus - 5: Sun line - 6: Mercury line - 7: Fate line (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 If you are a self learner studying palmistry better known as palm reader.  You can learn and master the ability to earn yourself a good income for yourself and your family.  Best of all, you can work your own hours and never have to answer to a boss again.

How Much Does a Palm Reading Cost

The sky is the limit!  The best thing about being a .  Is you do not have to have classes or a G.E.D. and you never have to be certified.  You just have to be convincing to customers that you do readings for.

The best part about reading palms is you can get books at the library or learn and study from home on the Internet.

You can practice reading your own hands than practice on friends and family.  Once you feel you have confidence in your ability to read palms.

You can meet people while breaking the ice by sharing that you are a palm reader.  You will be entertained and learning.

You might even gain some customers.  The link addresses how much a palm reader cost.  It's an honest answer to how much a palmistry makes.

Palm Reader Jobs

Here is a website that is hiring palm readers right now.  If you are the type that rather stay home and read palms.  Here is a great solution!  You will need an Internet connection a webcam and a microphone or headset.
English: The mounts of the hand used in palm r...
English: The mounts of the hand used in palm reading. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On advertising just login when you feel like making money reading palms.

How to Read Palms

Learn the basics of palmistry.  Learn a few readings a day and learn by comparing your hands with the photos.  You could join palm reading forums to ask questions and find out how other palm readers succeed.

How to Read Palms (Advanced)

I do not recommend trying to learn the advanced palm reading until you have learned basic palmistry.  I shared this because of the well illustrated photos.  I suggest you do some research on palm reading yourself.

I also want to remind you palm reading is an art and you cannot learn palm reading over night.  Don't study too much at first.  You will get burned out and quit before you get started.  Your brain remembers better and longer with shorter bits of information and relates to pictures.

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