Monday, April 8, 2013

Earn Cash for Cardboard Egg Cartons

Put extra cash in your pocket by saving egg cartons.  Why throw out your egg cartons when you can sell you egg cartons?

I just discovered I was throwing away money every week.  Last night I was doing some research on how to raise roaches.

In some of the posts in the comment section.  People were asking where they could find or buy cardboard egg cartons.

Slap me in the face!  I didn't get it at first!  So I went on to YouTube to watch videos on how to raise roaches.

When I was researching how to breed roaches?  Tarantulaguy1976 said you could buy cardboard egg cartons from him for a lot less.

That is when it hit me!  I am throwing away money when I recycle my cardboard egg cartons.  You can also sell Styrofoam egg carton as well for crafts.

I will be using the cardboard egg cartons for my worm composting and for breeding my roaches but I will keep saving the extra egg carton to sell.

Why not put $15 or more in my pocket?  You can either save your egg cartons each week or get your friends and family to save you egg cartons. 

You can also ask your local restaurant if they have any cardboard egg cartons.

Where You Can Sell Egg Cartons


Etsy is a website that you can sell vintage items and crafts or craft supplies.  Egg Cartons whether they are cardboard egg cartons or Styrofoam you can sell them as craft supplies.


Here is a sample search on Ebay.  You can see for yourself what a demand for egg cartons are by looking at each sells listing and seeing how many sold.
You can get a general idea of how much egg cartons are selling for.


  1. I have hens and I never have enough egg cartons for the eggs. I buy them. =)

  2. Does it matter what kind of egg cartoons? I could probably send you a dozen or so egg cartoons.


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