Friday, April 13, 2012

Job Ideas with Requirements

An articulated lorry in London, England.
An articulated lorry in London, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you out of job ideas?  Lost in the world of employment.  Trying to find a career that suits you and your life style.  When you are at a crossroads,it becomes confusing and frustrating. 

Not only that but it is difficult to find out what the job requirements are for jobs that you could be qualified to apply for in your job search.

Here is a list of careers and jobs.  Scroll down the list.  If you find a job that interest you.  You will find the job requirements for that jobs,and a bunch of other jobs that are on the list.

  • Retail Sales Supervisors

  • Construction Supervisors

  • Truck Drivers (Heavy & Tractor-Trailer)
  • Police Officer

  • Maintenance and General Repair Workers

  • Carpenters


High Paying Careers with Plenty of Job Openings

 At this link you will find the job descriptions and what the yearly job earnings are for each job.  You will also find a list of a lot more jobs and careers.

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