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Jobs News - No Experience? Here's the Perfect Resume

Jobs News - No Experience? Here's the Perfect Resume

On Job News you will find an easy to follow resume template. If you lack experience this template is perfect to use and its free. Whether your a teenager or just been out of the work force for years.

You can still get hired. Not all employers want experienced employees. Why? They want to hire someone to train to work and operate the job with their new ideas.

Hiring someone who has done the same job for years is not a good idea for employers looking at new ideas and moving toward the future.

You can see how someone who has been doing that particular job for year would cause conflict. Between the employer and the employee. When someone has preformed the same job for years its hard for the employer to get the seasoned employee to change to new ideas.

When I was in rehab for drug abuse. Getting a job was part of the program. I was a Barber/hairdresser. I was in this town called Wauchula which was a small town.

I applies at one beauty shop and two barber shops. Which was all that was available in Wauchula. Nobody needed a barber or a hairdresser.

So I had to find something else in order to meet the requirements of the rehab. The fear overwhelmed me! Now I am stepping out of my comfort zone and apply for employment than my previous employment.

A women from GoodWill Industries helped me land a new job. My first job was Mc Donalds. I know what you're thinking! I was thinking the same thing.

Believe me when I say I didn't want a job at Mc Donalds. I am not a restaurant person at all and the pay was way lower than what I was use too.

I was totally lost at Mc Donald and nervous. I have never done that kind of work. Everybody was nice and patient with me and taught me the ropes.

I worked there for two months. When I applied for the job I was honest. Brutally honest! So they new I was only there for a short while and that I was leaving them after I graduated rehab.

I learned a valuable lesson. Don't let "pride" get in the way. The value of this story is I got experience in something new. I stepped out of my comfort zone. I had a great reference along with a letter of recommendation.

If you're looking for a particular type of job. Write a resume that targets that particular job. If you need a job to hold you over do not use the same resume.

Use the template I have in this article. Do some research on all the jobs you want to apply for, and only put on your resume your strengths that apply to the job you want.

If you have been turned down for jobs for being over qualified this is why?

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