Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Do You have a Talent for Designs or an Idea to Improve a Product

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Almost Home Shelter by Katrina Epperson » Yanko Design

If you have modified anything to make it better,safer,faster or made any improvements to any products or just have a great idea.  You can submit your ideas to Yanko Design who knows your design might payoff.

All it takes is a great idea and your dreams can come true.  Even the simplest idea can make you millions.

Here is just a few designs on Yanko Design site.  Even if your design is the simplest modification to an existing product. You can still submit your design.

If your looking for employment as a designer or have an engineering back ground or marketing experience.  

Here is a list of jobs hiring now

This is just a screenshot here you can get up to date jobs that are hiring now.

Figure 4: Design strategies to enhance the EVR...Figure 4: Design strategies to enhance the EVR of a product. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yanko Design ConceptYanko Design Concept (Photo credit: Stratageme.com)

Revolutionary Dry Food Dispenser by Yanko DesignRevolutionary Dry Food Dispenser by Yanko Design (Photo credit: Sofas And Stuff)

HfG Exhibition, Ulmer Museum. Design model for...HfG Exhibition, Ulmer Museum. Design model for a Three-wheeled car or Auto Rickshaw (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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