Sunday, September 11, 2011

Find a Job Working with Horses

Post a Horse Job, Find a Horse Job

If your a horse lover like me your dream would be to work with horses. I know this is a site that directs you to horse jobs but its a good backup resource if there are no jobs working with horse in your area.

What came to mind horse owners need a caretaker for their horses. I thought I would offer you an idea!

If your experienced with horses you could put an add in the paper or go on Facebook offering your services to horse owners. The site that I am directing you to has a huge lists of the types of jobs and careers that horse owners are looking to hire.

Some of the jobs you do have to have a degree but most of the jobs you don't they just require you to have a passion for horses and a passion to learn about horses.

Types of Horse Jobs and Careers

You can find list of horse related jobs with requirements.  Most requirements is to have a true passion for horses.

Horse Jobs

You can find jobs working with horses in or around your area.

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