Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flight Attendant Job Description

Flight Attendant Job Description: "A flight attendant job can easily lead into a long time career with very favorable travel benefits of flying. As of the end of June 2011 there are reported 39 airlines, hiring qualified flight attendants. Statistics state far more applicants are counted than there are jobs available revealing one out of 100 applicants is hired. 30% Males and 70% females are considered for flight attendant jobs requiring a high school diploma, however some college is preferred. Not every airline in the United States requires U.S. citizenship and according to the Immigrations Act of 1986 some airlines accept a 'right to work' document."

Be sure to read this article it has a lot of great information about this job. Best of all this job is high paying and has a lot of perks and you do not need a degree. This job would be perfect for someone single who likes to travel. Great job for a personable person as well.

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