Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Game Tester job San Francisco California

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Game Tester job San Francisco California:

Games Games Games

If you like playing games for free imagine how great it would be to actually make money doing something you enjoy for a past time. I wonder if this job has benefits! This job really caught my eye because its not just kids that love to play games. Adults love games too! I often wondered if their where game testers now I know and so do you! Talk about a gravy job I would have to say that being a "game tester" qualifies.

Finding a game positions is getting
easier. Power Up Games is helping future
game testers by consolidating video game
positions into one location.

No more
paying for job listings or subscription
services. It is all there for you. Entry
Level Game testers usually start in the
$8-$12/hr. range and climb to $16-$20
hr. within 3-4 years.

Not bad
considering you don’t have to get a 2 or
4 year degree so you are not paying off
student loans. Some Education in the
field is recommended."

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