Sunday, August 22, 2010

Avon Sales

Español: Logotipo de la empresa estadounidense...
Español: Logotipo de la empresa estadounidense de cosméticos Avon Products, Inc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Avon is one of the most trusted beauty cosmetic companies among women. Back in the day selling Avon or Mary Kay products was one of the best home based businesses.

Marketing Avon products was limited to parties and catalog sales. Even back then representatives made excellent money.

Today’s marketing strategies reaches millions of prospect able customers.

• Marketing, sales and personal empowerment tools at your fingertips - flyers to on-line courses, energize your sales and your life.

• Incentives, rewards and recognition - Bask in success, financial incentives to paid vacations and company awards.

• New campaigns updated every two weeks - Keep your customers interested with consistently updated catalogs. Avon is the world's largest carrier of anti-aging skincare products, fragrances and colored cosmetics, Avon appears among the leading magazine’s companies. Avon is listed on the world's major stock exchanges.
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